Terms & Conditions

PHARM-ASSIST will introduce you to Clients on the following conditions, which will apply in respect of each placement and implies acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Locum Pharmacists,Dispensers and Technicians

  1. You are required to be registered with General Pharmaceutical Society and must display your Certificate for the duration of each placement arranged by PHARM-ASSIST.
  2. You are prepared to undertake the statutory duties of a replacement manager i.e. dispensing prescriptions, supervision of proprietary medicinal sales, the supervision of staff. You arrive and leave work at the agreed times, and maintain the highest professional standards, whilst on placement. On certain placements, Enhanced Services will be required.
  3. Once you have agreed upon a placement it becomes your responsibility to inform PHARM-ASSIST and the Client of any delay or change in the arrangement as soon as possible.
  4. You will be paid by the Client, at the agreed rate confirmed. PHARM-ASSIST will always give support with any problems you may encounter with salary and expenses. Please submit full details by e-mail or fax.
  5. Hourly rates are negotiable via PHARM-ASSIST and travel expenses will be payable for distances of over twenty miles unless negotiated otherwise.
  6. All contracts for Employment are between the Locum and the Client. A verbal agreement which has been confirmed by all parties via PHARM-ASSIST is a firm commitment. Further to this: You agree not to accept any placements via any company if PHARM-ASSIST introduced you there within the previous six months.
  7. A Client may cancel a confirmed booking at short notice, and in such circumstances PHARM-ASSIST do not accept responsibility or liability for any financial loss, but will endeavour to offer alternative work. If alternative work is not found you may consider pursuing a claim from the Client for loss of earnings. (If the cancellation was within three days prior to the date of the placement.)
  8. PHARM-ASSIST will not accept responsibility for any loss or claim that may arise out of, or in connection with, their introduction (and on any subsequent placement).
  9. You must agree not to approach any Clients you were introduced to by PHARM-ASSIST in an attempt to gain further placements. If twelve months have elapsed after your final placement with that Client will you be able to take work direct.
  10. If you are approached by a Client to undertake further locum work, within twelve months of your last placement with that Client, you agree to inform PHARM-ASSIST and if a permanent position as an employee is taken up, then it is your responsibility to advise PHARM-ASSIST of your start date and annual salary.Failure to do so will make you the locum liable for the bookings fees lost by PHARM-ASSIST.
  11. You are classed as self-employed and are therefore responsible for matters relating to National Insurance Contributions and PAYE. It is advisable to hold your own Personal Indemnity Insurance, as you are not covered by certain companies.
  12. All information given is strictly confidential.