Work Available

Check this page for up to date information on the latest vacancies.




Pharm-Assist® holds preferred agency status with many multiples.  We do not ‘wait’ for work to come in. We actively pursue our customers with our locums’ availability, based on the locums’ preference and the customers’ requirements.

Our co-ordinators are trained to offer a bespoke, personal and confidential service to both locums and customers. We do not list dates of work available as we contact our locums direct with work .

If you wish to find out more, please call 01757 291133 or email us at

Urgently required:   Locums willing to stay away!!

Urgently required:  Locum Dispensers with or without GPhC Registration number  

We have block weeks around the UK throughout the year. Register or call us now!!


If you are an ‘emergency worker’, and looking for same/next day placements, then join our ‘Emergency Board’. If, and when you are available, please call 01757 291133 any day before 9am. Or email anytime on

For the attention of Technicians/Dispensers:

 If you are looking for dispensing placements, then please contact your Pharm-Assist coordinator on 01757 291133.

Saturday Locums Needed!

Please call your co-ordinator with your requirements.